About K+

Earn your target audiences' trust. Build a strong personal brand, an inspiring community and attract talent with a strong employer brand.

Get help creating content that engages and grows your community, followers and brand reputation.

At KommunikationPlus, we accelerate your business growth with content, community building and employee advocacy.

At KommunikationPlus, we brand people. 

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What we do!


Get help creating your content strategy, plan or annual wheel. We help you plan, schedule and share content that creates engagement, fosters thought leadership and converts new customers. 

Employee advocacy

Give employees the power and abilities to grow their personal brand and you will see organic growth in your business. 

Get help to start your employee advocacy program, train your employees. 

Employer branding

Create compelling people first campaigns to attract talent and grow your employer brand. 

Need help to create that community feeling about your brand. Let us know. 


Lyrskovgade 19 2 th

1758 København V

Tlf. +45 31 72 15 71

Mail: josephine@kommunikationplus.dk

CVR nr. 40666443

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